I am an experienced attorney who fights for the rights of children. I firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her potential.

The Law Office of Christina D. Ghio, LLC is a solo practice law firm. What makes my practice different from most is that I provide holistic legal representation for children. That means that I advocate for children in multiple arenas, rather than focusing on just one piece of the puzzle. I represent children with disabilities and help their parents obtain the special education services they need from the school system. When needed, I handle disability discrimination claims, fight wrongful claims of child abuse or neglect, help parents obtain mental health services, and advocate for adult services as children with disabilities transition into adulthood.

When children with disabilities get in trouble at school or in the community, I am there to fight expulsion proceedings and delinquency charges. I work closely with parents to understand the strengths and needs of their children, identify the goals of legal representation, and provide compassionate and aggressive legal advocacy. When parents entrust me with helping their children, I take that responsibility seriously. I take the time to listen, explain the law, discuss options, and help parents make decisions about their children. I use my education, skills, and experience to provide the best legal representation of which I am capable.



If you are concerned about your child and think you might need a lawyer, you can contact my office for a free 30 minute phone consultation.

“Attorney Ghio combined reassuring empathy in our pre-trial preparation with cool efficiency in the courtroom. Her knowledge of child-centered case law is vast, and her expertise saved our family.”
Todd and Traci, Adoptive Parents
“Attorney Ghio helped me to understand the law and my legal options. She always took the time and answered my questions.”
Beth, Adoptive Parent
“I could never say enough about Attorney Ghio. She was clear on what she could do for us, she listened, she was compassionate, she was available, always returned calls and did not pressure us.”
Mr. and Mrs. P., Legal Guardians
“Attorney Ghio explained to me all my options, and explained them all more than once. She gave us time to make sure it was what we wanted and she did a perfect job.”
T., a minor child
“Attorney Ghio was very clear about what services she could and could not provide. She was also very responsive and knowledgeable.”
Christine, Adoptive Parent
“Every day my daughter and I and those who care about her are thankful to Attorney Ghio. Although Karen was first diagnosed with “problems” at the age of 2 nothing worked. She deteriorated over the years and wound up spending over 20 years institutionalized. After trying many things, I finally was referred to Attorney Ghio. It was a long, hard time. There were many meetings with large groups from DMHAS’ doctors and attorneys. I sat beside Attorney Ghio at each meeting. Finally, she/we won. My daughter has now been in her own apartment since December 2014 with services she requires due to her physical and psychological deficits. My daughter has successfully transitioned to the community. We owe this opportunity for a life to Attorney Ghio. I cannot thank her enough.”
Martha H., Parent
“Attorney Ghio is highly knowledgeable in her field. She always responded quickly to my inquiries. She takes the time to educate her clients.”
K.B., Parent
“Attorney Ghio was very thorough and timely with our situation. We were informed of a time frame which required a response and she was on top of it every step of the way.”
Lisa T., Parent
“Attorney Ghio looks for client’s best interest and makes sure the process is understood. Always made sure I understood everything going on and explained everything to me.”
Sierra, Child
“I would like to say that Attorney Ghio was readily available, prompt, and answered all my questions. She was very knowledgeable on the subject matter, and I felt confident with her as we stepped into the several meetings with the school system, which can be intimidating if I didn’t have her at my side. I would most certainly choose Attorney Ghio again should I have any further problems.”
Kathy, Parent
“She was able to represent my daughter in a knowledgeable and respectful way. She helped our family get an educational placement that was appropriate for my daughter.”
Heather, Parent
“Attorney Ghio promptly and personally supported our family at a challenging time. Her guidance was superb. She has excellent attention to detail and confidentiality (Clio site). All processes were smooth (transfer of documents and emails) and efficient. Laura is wonderful as well! Attorney Ghio took the time to ensure we understood all options before us in a manner both clear and concise. She was very prompt to all of our concerns and questions beginning straight from our consultation call. Thank you so much, Christina. We are so grateful.”
Anonymous, Parent
“Attorney Ghio went above and beyond! She under promised and over delivered. (That sounds funny but she didn’t set me up for unrealistic outcome) and she accomplished more than we ever imagined.”
Leslie, Parent
“Very professional, knows how to handle complicated situations.”
Leslie, Parent