Gap in Reading Proficiency for Students with Disabilities

Gap in Reading Proficiency for Students with Disabilities

A recently released report from The Nation’s Report Card shows a significant gap between reading proficiency of students with disabilities and other students in Connecticut. Among students in fourth grade and students in eighth grade, only 13% of students with disabilities scored at the proficient level while 46% of other students scored at the proficient level. While testing in all states revealed a significant gap between reading proficiency in students with I disabilities and other students, it is noteworthy the gap in Connecticut is larger than the gap in New York and Massachusetts. Such a significant gap in reading proficiency raises important questions about whether students with disabilities are receiving the individualized instruction and services necessary to ensure educational progress, not only in Connecticut but across the nation. You can view the entire report, view state profiles and comparisons, and create custom tables and graphs by going to The Nation’s Report Card.

Back to School IEP Clinic

SpEdConnecticut will soon be holding two FREE IEP clinics. The first hour will be a brief overview of the IEP. The second hour will be 1:1 time with a parent advisor to discuss your child’s IEP.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQA) Youth in School

While June was officially Pride Month, the importance of creating safe, supportive and inclusive school environments for all children including LGBTQA students must a year-round effort. Evidence suggests that a school’s failure to provide a safe, supportive and non-discriminatory environment for transgender and gender non-conforming students can result in significant harm to the child.

Welcome Emilee Guerrera!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of Emilee Guerrera to my office. Emilee is an experienced paralegal with a strong educational background. She earned her Certificate in Legal Studies from Naugatuck Valley Community College before transferring to Central Connecticut State University where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree.

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