Homework Headaches

The school year is now well under way. For many parents, that means homework headaches are in full swing! If you spend your nights imploring, cajoling, and begging your child to get his or her homework done, you might find this article identifying 4 Keys to Managing Homework for Children with Learning Disabilities helpful.

Also, if you don’t already truly understand why your child struggles so much with homework, it may be time to find out. Does your child have a disability that impacts his or her ability to organize his homework effectively? Does a deficit in working memory make it impossible for your child to accurately write down the assignment as the teacher verbally rattles it off? Is your child exhausted from the mental challenges of keeping up during the school day? Is your child consumed by anxiety about making a mistake? Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what is causing your child such difficulty.

School districts are required to evaluate your child in all areas of suspected disability and develop individualized education plans (IEP) to ensure that your child receives a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Homework is part of your child’s education. If homework is a constant struggle, consider requesting evaluations from the school district to determine if your child has special educational needs. If your child is already identified as a student with special educational needs, consider additional assessments that may help identify the source of the problem. Homework difficulties can occur for a myriad of reasons. If you understand the cause, you and your child’s school district can better target strategies for improvement.