Can my child’s paraprofessional come to the PPT meeting?

Yes! Parents of children with special education needs often wonder if they can invite the paraprofessional working with their child to the PPT meeting. In Connecticut, parents can not only ask for paraprofessionals to participate in the PPT, they have a right to it! In 2015, the Connecticut legislature amended the law to make it clear that parents the right to have the school paraprofessional assigned to the student attend the PPT meeting.

The State Department of Education issued a memo to school Directors of Special Education in November 2015 to make sure they know about the law. The State Department of Education explained that the phrase “paraprofessional assigned to the student” includes not only 1:1 paraprofessionals but also paraprofessionals assigned to the classroom. After all, the paraprofessional working with your child is often the person at the school who knows your child best. The paraprofessional often has meaningful information about your child’s needs and this information should be shared with the PPT. If you want your child’s paraprofessional to attend your next PPT meeting, you need to give “reasonable written notice,” so send a written request to the school at least 5 days prior to the PPT meeting and state that you would like the paraprofessional to attend the PPT meeting. If the school refuses, it might be time to call a special education advocate or attorney. Contact me for a free telephone consultation.