Birth to Three Services Extended

When children turn 3, they “age out” of Birth to Three services. Many children will require preschool special education services through your local school district.

Starting this summer, if your child is enrolled in Birth to Three, turns three between May 1 and the start of their school year, and has been determined to be eligible for preschool special education, your child will be eligible to continue receiving early intervention services. Read the Fact Sheet, “Early Intervention Supports Expand for Birth to Three Families,” published by Connecticut Birth to Three System.

Understanding the transition process is an important next step in ensuring that your child continues to receive appropriate services. Connecticut Birth to Three has a helpful handbook for parents, “Family Handbook III – Transition to Preschool Special Education.” Connecticut Birth to Three also has a great webpage on transition from Birth to Three to special education.

The first meeting to be scheduled will be a transition conference. The transition conference is held by Birth to Three with your family and is an opportunity to discuss your child’s needs, your priorities as parents, and to discuss what options/programs are available after Birth to Three ends. The Transition conference should be held at least 90 days before your child’s 3rd birthday, but can be held up to nine months before the third birthday.

After the transition conference is held, if you believe your child requires special education, you should request a PPT. PPT is an abbreviation for Planning and Placement Team. The meeting will be held by the school district. At the PPT, the team will review the referral information and determine what evaluations are necessary to determine eligibility. As a member of the team, parents can request evaluations they believe are necessary to determine disability and educational needs. Any evaluations that are planned require parental consent. You can learn more about the eligibility determination process here. If you believe your child has been wrongly deemed ineligible for special education services, you should contact an attorney.

Find more helpful resources below published by Connecticut Birth to Three System: