Yes, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) both give parents the right to inspect and review their children’s education records. If you want to review your child’s educational records, be sure to make your request in writing and maintain a copy of your request for your records. Parents have a right to review their child’s education records “without unnecessary delay and before any meeting regarding an IEP or any due process hearing or any resolution session.” Under Connecticut regulations, schools must comply with request to review educational records within ten school days of the request. In addition to the right to review your child’s educational records, Connecticut regulations give parents of children with special education needs a right to receive a free copy of their child’s educational records. The Connecticut regulations also say that parents can inspect but not receive a copy of “any test instrument or portion of a test instrument for which the test manufacturer asserts a proprietary interest in the instrument.” Parents must make their request in writing and schools must provide a copy of the educational records within ten school days of the written request. If you feel the school is not providing all of your child’s educational records, you should contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights.