The school is legally obligated to find and identify all children with special education needs. In Connecticut, if the school refers your child for special education services, they must notify you within five school days.

If the school has not referred your child, but you think your child might need special education services, you can request an evaluation by the school. The school may have a standard form but parents aren’t required to use a particular form. Your concerns must be put in writing and sent to the school principal, Director of Special Education (sometimes called the Director of Pupil and Personnel Services), and/for the Superintendent. Reasons for the request may include that your child has been suspended repeatedly, or his behavior, attendance or progress in school is unsatisfactory. Once you make a request, the school must schedule a meeting, called a PPT (planning and placement team) to decide what evaluations are needed. For more information, see the State Department of Education’s “A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Connecticut.”