When the school evaluates your child, and you disagree with the results of the evaluation, you have a right to request an independent educational evaluation (IEE). You do not have to explain why you are requesting an independent evaluation. When you request an IEE, the school must either agree to pay for the evaluation or request a due process hearing (at which they must show that their evaluations were appropriate). The school can set criteria for independent evaluations but they must be the same as the criteria used by the school when it conducts an evaluation. Parents have a right to select any evaluator who meets the criteria set by the school and the school cannot impose any other conditions on your right to an IEE. The school can give parents a list of evaluators but they can’t reject particular evaluators, as long as the parents’ chosen evaluator meets the criteria set by the school. Parents are not required to notify the school before getting an IEE. So, parents can obtain an IEE and then ask for reimbursement. It is also important to note that parents can choose to obtain evaluations at their own expense and share the results of those evaluations with the school. Such evaluations must be considered by the school. The Connecticut State Department of Education recently issued this important letter to schools.